Year: 2018

Specialized Interior Fit-Out and Installations

Interior Contracting services for the Interior Design and Architecture Industry Fabrikaat delivers specialized interior contracting services. Why make use of us; Knowledge of Industry: we know the ins’s and out’s, Joinery and Production Drawings: We handle all the technicalities, Reliable Contractors: We have established relationships with sub-contractors, In-House Manufacturing and Installation: We can assure quality […]

Finding a reliable contractor for interior fit-outs and installations

Helpful hints for Architects and Interior Designers in finding a reliable contractor We all heard the horror stories of a contractor not delivering what they where paid to do because we did not make use of a reliable contractor. This will be the case if you are an industry professional or a private client. Know […]

Why choose an Interior Specialist

The benefits of hiring an interior specialist for your fit-out and installation Knowledge of Industry: They usually have vast knowledge of the industry therefore they know the ins and outs. Consulting: They will be able to consult on a design before the costing process. Helping with practicality and simplicity to keep costs down. Technical Drawings and […]