Helpful hints for Architects and Interior Designers in finding a reliable contractor

We all heard the horror stories of a contractor not delivering what they where paid to do because we did not make use of a reliable contractor. This will be the case if you are an industry professional or a private client. Know who you are dealing with and that your project will run as smooth as possible with as little hick ups as possible.

Here are some hints as to finding a reliable contractor;

  • Ask for references: Nothing more reassuring than speaking to previous clients.
  • Look at their Background: You do get contractors out there that also has an eye for design and not just the practical aspect. Look for someone who will think the same way you do.
  • What extra service do they deliver: Save time on technicalities like joinery drawings if you can have the contractor do all the drawing work and just have it approved before manufacturing or installation.
  • Go to their office or workshop: This will give you an indication of the type of contractor you are dealing with and if they are legitimate or not.
  • Ask them about the material brands, suppliers they use: This way you can do your own research and know if they make use of quality material and suppliers.
  • Make use of project managers:They usually have reliable sub-contractors that they have been using for some time and also built a relationship with. No better than to get in contact with an Interior Specialist.


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